what you see there took me 6 hours to build.
sadly i did not have the time available to create something more complex.

„A simulation game where you trade resources to dominate the market.“

made for this game jam: /jam/krassjam6

this was created on stream over at: twitch.tv/gottzstreams

the main goal here was just to create a game within less than 24 hours of development.

there is the code: github

music was done by: twitch.tv/tropicalbanana whom you can also find there: clyp.it/user/wf0qwze3

Tagsclicker, Economy


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Fine idle game. Not very hard to complete. It can be polished and balanced to be a good game.

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ye. i just made it so krassenstein can reach the last button without idling for hours.

i totally agree that this needs polishing. there are no upgrades, no ascending, no achievements that grant stat boosts etc.

my main focus was to see if i can do this in the limited time i had. (6 hours)

i think it's more of a proof of concept than a game :)
(the button visual is quite an experiment)